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Acbar Job in Helmand-Job in Helmand 2023 – ACBARJOB


Community Mobilizer Couples in HelmandAcbar Job in Helmand-Job in Helmand 2023 – ACBARJOB

Acbar Job in Helmand-Job in Helmand 2023 – ACBARJOB

Job Location: Baghlan Helmand Kandahar Laghman Logar Nangarhar
Nationality: Afghan
Category: Program
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: As per OSDRA Salary Scale
Vacancy Number: OSDRA-11072023-2
No. Of Jobs: 6
City: Jalalabad,Mihtarlam,Pol-e Khomri,Pol-e Alam,Lashkargah,Kandahar
Organization: Organization For Sustainable Development & Research of Afghanistan (OSDRA)
Years of Experience: 3-5 Years with National and International NGOs
Contract Duration: 6 Months
Gender: Male/Female
Education: Minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent
Acbar Job in Helmand-Job in Helmand 2023 – ACBARJOB

The Organization for Sustainable Development and Research of Afghanistan (OSDRA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that was registered with the Ministry of Economy in Afghanistan.  OSDRA’s primary goal is to promote sustainable development, enhance the working ability and capacity of youth, foster economic and social development in Afghanistan, and contribute to the country’s de-mining efforts.

OSDRA is committed to a sustainable approach to development, guided by principles of integrity and dependability. The organization’s Founder and Board of Directors are experienced and goal-oriented individuals who aim to empower Afghan communities and enhance their awareness of their legal and humanitarian rights.

OSDRA provides various services to Afghan communities, including vocational training, employment services, capacity building, education development programs, skill development, peace building, institutional building, human rights, gender mainstreaming, handicrafts programs, and demining activities. The organization is involved in de-mining efforts, which are essential to the safety and well-being of Afghan communities. OSDRA aims to support and contribute to the country’s demining efforts, which are critical to rebuilding the country and creating a safer environment for Afghan citizens.

Acbar Job in Helmand-Job in Helmand 2023 – ACBARJOB


OSDRA places a strong emphasis on innovation and constantly seeks to improve every process and infrastructure it has in place. The organization has an international Corporate Volunteering Program that allows it to work closely with communities, employees, and partners to have a positive impact on the communities it serves.

Acbar Job in Helmand-Job in Helmand 2023 – ACBARJOB

Job Description for Acbar Job in Helmand-Job in Helmand 2023 – ACBARJOB

Job Profile:

Position Summary: The Community Mobilizer Couples will play a critical role in engaging and mobilizing communities to actively participate in the Livelihoods and Food Security project implemented by OSDRA in Logar, Baghlan, Kandahar, Helmand, Nangarhar, and Laghman provinces of Afghanistan. The couples will work closely together to build relationships, facilitate community participation, and promote the integration of Afghan women and girls in socio-economic opportunities. They will collaborate with local stakeholders, community leaders, and OSDRA’s project team to ensure the project’s successful implementation and achieve the desired outcomes.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Community Engagement and Mobilization
    • Build strong relationships and rapport with community members, including women, girls, and community leaders, in the target provinces.
    • Conduct community assessments to understand their needs, challenges, and priorities related to livelihoods and food security.
    • Organize and facilitate community meetings, focus group discussions, and awareness sessions to gather community input and promote participation.
    • Mobilize community members to actively engage in project activities, including livelihood trainings and vocational programs.
    • Act as a liaison between the community and OSDRA, conveying relevant information, concerns, and feedback.
  2. Awareness and Training Sessions
    • Conduct community-based awareness sessions on livelihood options, agriculture, livestock, and income-generating activities.
    • Organize and coordinate training sessions for community members, especially women (including widows, returnees, and IDPs), on various livelihood opportunities and skills development.
    • Ensure training materials are prepared, training agendas are followed, and sessions are conducted effectively and inclusively.
    • Assist in providing COVID-19 awareness during training sessions and ensure adherence to safety protocols.
  3. Monitoring and Reporting
    • Monitor project activities at the community level, ensuring their smooth implementation and addressing any challenges or issues that arise.
    • Collect data and information from beneficiaries, documenting their progress, challenges, and success stories related to livelihood improvements.
    • Prepare and submit timely reports to the OSDRA project team, including activity reports, training/event reports, and success stories.
    • Collaborate with the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) team to provide accurate and up-to-date information for project monitoring and reporting purposes.
  4. Stakeholder Coordination and Networking
    • Establish and maintain effective coordination with local authorities, women’s affairs departments, community leaders, and other relevant stakeholders.
    • Engage with local women’s organizations and civil society groups to promote collaboration and ensure the integration of gender-based violence prevention and mitigation strategies.
    • Participate in relevant meetings, workshops, and events to represent OSDRA and share project updates and achievements.

Job Requirements for Acbar Job in Helmand-Job in Helmand 2023 – ACBARJOB

Qualifications and Experience:

  • A couple (married) with  a strong commitment to community development and gender equality.
  • Minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent; relevant training or education in community development or related fields is preferred.
  • Previous experience in community mobilization, grassroots organizing, or working with marginalized communities.
  • Familiarity with the cultural, social, and economic context of Afghanistan, particularly in the target provinces.


  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to engage effectively with diverse community members, including women and girls.
  • Demonstrated ability to facilitate meetings, conduct trainings, and mobilize communities towards collective action.
  • Proficiency in local languages (Pashto, Dari) is required; knowledge of English is an advantage.
  • Ability and willingness to travel within the target provinces for community engagement and project-related activities.
Acbar Job in Helmand-Job in Helmand 2023 – ACBARJOB

Submission Guideline Acbar Job in Helmand-Job in Helmand 2023 – ACBARJOB

Your application should include a concise one-page cover letter detailing your interest in and qualifications for the position, in addition to your curriculum vitae (CV).

Please ensure that your cover letter explicitly states the province to which you are applying. This information will assist us in reviewing your application thoroughly. Thank you.

Applicants are requested to email these documents to:

OSDRA upholds equal opportunities for all applicants

Acbar Job in Helmand-Job in Helmand 2023 – ACBARJOB

Submission Email:


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