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Acbar Jobs Kabul 2023-jobs in Kabul – Nurse Jobs


Acbar Jobs Kabul 2023-jobs in Kabul – Nurse Jobs

Job Location: Kabul
Nationality: National
Category: Health Care
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: Based on IRC salary scale (9A)
Vacancy Number: 42654
No. Of Jobs: 1
City: Kabul
Organization: IRC (International Rescue Committee)
Years of Experience: 3 years
Contract Duration: till 31 December 2023 (Extendable)
Gender: Female
Education: Graduate medical nurse from a recognized institute
Acbar Jobs Kabul 2023-jobs in Kabul – Nurse Jobs

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helps people to survive and rebuild their lives. Founded in 1933 at the request of Albert Einstein, the IRC offers lifesaving care and life-changing assistance to refugees forced to flee from war or disaster.


At work today in over 40 countries and 22 U.S. cities, we restore safety, dignity, and hope to millions who are uprooted and struggling to endure. The IRC leads the way from harm to home.
The IRC opened the country program in Afghanistan in 1988. Our programs span the range from humanitarian relief to early recovery and development activities, focusing on child protection, education, economic wellbeing, health, and power.


The IRC works in 10 provinces throughout Afghanistan, among which some of the most security volatile, and employs over 1000 staff.

Acbar Jobs Kabul 2023-jobs in Kabul - Nurse Jobs
Acbar Jobs Kabul 2023-jobs in Kabul – Nurse Jobs
Acbar Jobs Kabul 2023-jobs in Kabul – Nurse Jobs

Job Description:

Main Responsibilities

Objective 1: Provide Treatment services for acute malnourish Under 5 children and PLW.

  • Perform screening & promotion to all U5 children who are visiting HFs/MNTs services.
  • Classification of all U5 children in categories of well-nourished and Acute Malnutrition (SAM & MAM).
  • Enrolment of all acute malnourished children to OPD SAM/MAM programs.


  • Provide nutritional treatment to enrolled malnourished children according to IMAM treatment protocols.
  • Perform history taking and physical & medical examination including childhood illness of beneficiaries during admission time as well during follow-up visits.


  • Perform appetite tests for each admitted patient during admission time and decide on the provision of treatment services or refer to higher treatment services.
  • Perform anthropometric measurements during follow-up visits.

Acbar Jobs Kabul 2023-jobs in Kabul – Nurse Jobs

  • Ensure nutritional follow-up of the beneficiaries.
  • Prescribe routine medication to admitted patients during admission time according to the approved treatment protocol.
  • Identify those beneficiaries who do not respond to the treatment and manage their follow-up.
  • Refer severely acutely malnourished beneficiaries with medical complications to higher health centers (IPD – SAM or Podiatric ward) for advanced treatment.
  • Ensure medical examination at discharge time and validate the discharge upon the status of the beneficiaries.
  • Check if all the procedures are completed before discharge (anthropometric measurements, medical and nutritional treatment, systematic treatment, and health and nutrition education to caretakers).


  • Check that the criteria of discharge are met and act according to the approved treatment guidelines.

Acbar Jobs Kabul 2023-jobs in Kabul – Nurse Jobs

  • Record all the necessary information on the existing reporting tools (registration book and card for each beneficiary etc…)
  • Provide health and nutrition education to the caregivers on breastfeeding, complementary feeding, hygiene, care of pregnant and lactating women, and prevention of illness.

Objective 2: Prepare all the material /Reporting tools and documentation.

  • Before leaving the office ensure all the material is ready and active (relevant equipment, registers, nutritional supplies, medicines…).
  • Keep all items in the field very well and after the field visit, clean and prepare the use in the coming day.

Acbar Jobs Kabul 2023-jobs in Kabul – Nurse Jobs

  • Update all reporting tools daily.
  • Keep and maintain a good filing system for all documents.
  • Prepared the reports (Daily, Weekly, and monthly) according to the standard reporting tools.
  • Assist line supervisor in performing other duties assigned by the organization.

Objective 3: Support the counselor on Infant Young Child Feeding (IYCF) counseling:

  • Promote breastfeeding skills by spreading relevant 1000 days of life messages to mothers and caretakers.
  • Provide Key IYCF messages to the mothers and caretakers during the performing of GMP to under 2 years of children.
  • Organize group sessions on basic/key messages on 1000 days of life to caretakers who are visiting HFs.

Acbar Jobs Kabul 2023-jobs in Kabul – Nurse Jobs

  • Refer patients to proper services based on needs (having complications).
  • Support the conduction of nutrition and health education sessions for clients.
  • Record all the necessary information on the existing reporting tools.
Acbar Jobs Kabul 2023-jobs in Kabul – Nurse Jobs

Job Requirements:

Qualification and Requirements:


Education: Graduate medical nurse from a recognized institute.

Years of Experience: At least 3 years experiences in the field of health and nutrition


  • Previous experiences working in health nutrition activities (OPD, TFU, pediatric unit….)
  • Good organization, planning, and reporting skills are necessary.
  • Ability to manage the working environment according to local culture.
  • High flexibility in deployment, possible with Mahram

Acbar Jobs Kabul 2023-jobs in Kabul – Nurse Jobs

  • Knowledge of the intervention area is a plus.
  • Develops and promotes effective collaboration within and across units to achieve shared goals and optimize results.
  • Must be a team player with excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work under pressure in a stressful environment, displaying patience, compassion, and diplomacy.
  • Ability to be innovative, flexible, adaptive, and willing to work out of hours, sometimes throughout the night.
  • Ability to live in challenging conditions and ability to work under difficult, high-pressure situations.
  • Ability to lead, train, supervise, and facilitate other nursing staff and community health workers in their respective tasks.

Acbar Jobs Kabul 2023-jobs in Kabul – Nurse Jobs

Technical Competency:

  • Communication and reporting skills
  • Fluency in Pashto, Dari, and English
  • Computer skills (including MS Word, Excel, Access, and Internet) are an advantage.
  • Ability to work closely, professionally, and constructively with all others regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion, race, tribe, or cultural background.

Submission Guideline:

For IRC- Afghanistan Internal Candidates:

(“ The IRC encourages employees to remain in a position for at least one year and be in good standing before applying for another position within the organization. if an employee is interested in a vacant position within the organization, he/she must inform his/her supervisor in advance before applying for a new position”)

(However, 1 year is proposed based on the approved policy but we encourage IRCA employees to remain up to 6 months and above to be given chance to compete for an opportunity in the organization)

All qualified candidates are requested to open the given link and follow the instructions:

Acbar Jobs Kabul 2023-jobs in Kabul – Nurse Jobs Acbar Jobs Kabul 2023-jobs in Kabul – Nurse Jobs Acbar Jobs Kabul 2023-jobs in Kabul – Nurse Jobs


applications received without a given link and/or online system will be disqualified and removed from the entire process.

Shortlisted candidates will be directly contacted for a written test and after that for interviews. If you are not contacted TWO or FOUR WEEKS after the closing date .please know that your application has not been successful for the post. IRC Afghanistan Country Office, Qala-e-Fathullah, Street # 3, District 10, Old UNOCHA Office, Beside Fatemia Mosque.

Submission Email:

Refer to submission guideline

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