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Factory Worker Jobs In Poland 2023


Factory Worker Jobs In Poland



If you are interested in becoming a factory worker in Poland, there are many different factors to consider. In this article, we will take a look at some of the factors that will affect the salaries of factory workers. While factory and manufacturing careers are rewarding, they also require long hours and repetitive motions. These factors will determine the salary you will earn as a factory worker in Poland.

Factors to consider when pursuing a career as a factory and manufacturing professional:

In order to keep up with global competition, companies in Poland need to increase their business efficiency and innovation. While this is a challenging task, Poland’s industrial landscape is ripe for expansion. However, it faces many challenges, including specific regulations and technological standards, a shortage of experts, and a reluctance to adopt new solutions. The country will also need to implement ethical and legal standards for robotics and artificial intelligence, a topic currently being discussed at the EU level

Factory Worker Jobs In Poland 2022:

Manufacturing in Poland accounts for 22.4 percent of the GDP, making it the sixth largest manufacturing country in the EU. The leading manufacturing sectors include non-metallic mineral products, furniture, and electrical equipment. According to estimates, production in manufacturing companies will increase by 18% in 2020/21 compared to the previous year. In Poland, new technologies and automation will be critical to the development of manufacturing companies.


While Poland is an important outsourcing location for technology organizations, it will continue to be a dominant sector. Poland’s skilled labor pool is the perfect match for technology companies, which can tap into a skilled labor pool. A strong labor market is a great place to start a manufacturing business, with high salaries and opportunities to grow professionally. The Polish manufacturing industry will continue to thrive even as the world’s economy shifts toward digitalization.


Factors that affect a factory worker’s salary:

What is the average monthly salary in Poland? While the average monthly wage in Poland varies by region, it is the highest in Central and Eastern Europe and among the top thirty countries in the world. According to the latest government figures, the average monthly wage in Poland is 2800 PLN, which is about USD 609 or USD 717. The minimum hourly wage is 18.3 PLN, which is about USD 7.25 per hour.

Factory Worker Jobs In Poland 2022:
Factory Worker Jobs In Poland 2022:

The average salary in the enterprise sector increased by 10.0% last month. Average employment also increased by 2.2%, confirming the tight labor market in the country. However, the average salary in manufacturing is still low compared to other sectors. Factory workers in Poland may be paid higher than their counterparts in other EU states. If the average wage is higher in one region, it may be because the economy is growing faster than in another.

The average monthly salary is based on an average of several employees. In Poland, workers are entitled to an 8% raise every 17 months, which is double the world average of 3%. In addition, the average annual increment rate is 6%. The highest paying industries are healthcare and IT professionals. The country is an excellent outsourcing destination, thanks to a stable economy and a highly skilled labor pool.

Factors that affect a factory worker’s salary in Poland:

The average factory worker in Poland will earn about 90,720 PLN per year. This average includes the cost of living and transportation. This figure can vary considerably based on skill level, experience, location, and even gender. Factors that affect the average salary are discussed below. If you’re considering moving to Poland, check out the average salaries in major cities and regions.

Factory Worker Jobs In Poland 2022:
Factory Worker Jobs In Poland 2022:

The country’s economic growth is relatively strong, with the GDP growing at an average rate of 6% over the past 20 years. It was also one of the least affected European economies during the 2007-08 recession, and remained resilient to the Covid-19 pandemic. Overall, Polish GDP shrank by only 2.7% during the pandemic, less than the 5.5% decline in the EU28 average. The country’s low unemployment rate is an additional benefit.

Factory Worker Jobs In Poland 2022:
Factory Worker Jobs In Poland 2022:

Wages for workers in the manufacturing industry vary by location, education, and experience. While a few areas in Poland allow foreign nationals to work without knowledge of Polish, those who speak the language fluently often find more opportunities and higher salaries. Polish-speaking Ukrainians do not work at minimum wage and are among the highest paid workers in the country. They can earn up to USD 23,416 and 19,850 EUR/year.





In Poland Factory owner Demanding the worker for own factory. There is a huge demand for Factory Workers in Poland right now. If you are interested in working in Poland, this could be a perfect time for you to seize the moment and take the opportunity to apply for a job in the Land of the Rising Sun.

All Countries Male and Female applicants may apply for this job opening. You must be 18 years old and above, High School graduate, with a minimum of 1 year experience.


1-High School or College Diploma or TOR

2-Certificate of Live Birth (must not be late registered)

3-Passport (with at least 1 year of remaining validity)


4-Visual Acuity 20/20

Documents needed:

Updated Resume


Original Passport

Birth Certificate

unique Diploma or TOR


Why work in Poland?

Poland is a beautiful and progressive country. Many Filipinos and foreign nationals choose to work in Poland because of the many opportunities it offers. Factory Workers are highly in demand in Poland and if you have the experience and you’re willing to learn new skills, grab this opportunity now and get hired immediately!

Job Requirements:

Company Name: Multiples Companies

Education: High School

Experience: (1 year)

Work location: Poland

Type of Employment: Full time – Permanent


Salary: Mentioned

How To apply, The company website click the below link.

Click Here


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