At Boudl we are fully pleasant to hire, develop and retain people, who are interested of being a part of our company and who keen to start a career in the field of tourism & hospitality.

We pride ourselves on being the first national Hotels group in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are full of passion to be number one in the world and we won’t without you, here you will be surrounded by smart and efficient people who will encourage you always forward, with you we will change the concept of hospitality, don’t hesitate to apply with us, search for your preferred job and attach your resume.

About Boudl Group

Boudl company was established in 1959 under the name of Saleh Naser to Khelaiwi and Sons Co. In few years, the company opened a number of hotels throughout the KSA & Kuwait. through its journey of success, the company created the Boudl brand which became the first brand in the hospitality field in KSA.

Crawford & Carruthers is searching for experienced housekeepers at a luxury estate in Saudi Arabia.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Experience on luxury, 5-star Cruise Ships, Private Yachts, Exclusive Hotels or Private Estates
  2. Fluent in English
  3. Understanding of Operations
  4. Skilled in supervising people and team player;
  5. Adaptable and results-driver.

Job Functions

  1. Ensure villa is maintained to the highest level of cleanliness;
  2. Organize and ensure the Employer & Guests are provided with the highest level of service, efficiency & care.
  3. Clean & Arrange HK Lockers and HK storage.
  4. Follow instructions from your Team Leader and complete daily tasks.
  5. Attend shift planning meeting.
  6. Work safely with chemicals.
  7. Know the right chemical to use on different surfaces.
  8. Know how to use all cleaning tools.
  9. Guest Services unpacking/packing luggage, cleaning shoes, replacing amenities and wardrobe management whenever is required.
  10. Know how to setup and shutdown an area.
  11. Use color coded rags and the right equipment.
  12. Cleaning Techniques sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, brushing, polishing.
  13. Prepare, maintain, protect and turndown a room.
  14. Care of different surfaces metal, marble, glass, wood, plastic.
  15. Identifying and reporting maintenance issues.
  16. Bed Making.
  17. Cleaning of Bathrooms & Bedrooms.
  18. Extra deep cleaning off season.
  19. Sanitation of Gym equipment daily.
  20. Sanitation of Shower Head and Jacuzzi.
  21. You might be expected to go to other properties and will adhere to such a request.
  22. To be careful with the cleaning materials, linen, towel and other consumables.
  23. Provide constant availing service.
  24. Set an example by complying with regulations regarding dress code and expected modes of behavior and use best endeavors to offer a personal and personable service, enhancing the reputation of the facility and leading by example.
  25. To ensure that property is maintained properly and treated with respect at all times.
  26. Report any incident, injuries, damages or failures of equipment to Team Leader.
  27. Monitor stock and provide Team Leader with stock inventory report.

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