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Security Guard Job in Canada 2023 – Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship

Security Guard Job in Canada with 50+ Exciting Jobs: Although the Security guard duties and also duties relying on the customer’s needs the main obligation of the security workers is prevention and deterrence of the criminal offense and imposing the regulation and guidelines where they are securing.

Because many lives depend on your hand, a safety guard has big obligations. It saves lives if you detect security risks in a prompt fashion as well as eliminate or change them before they end up being a resource of risk.



As a trusted staff member in a company, you might has access to the details that people do not have.

Job Position Security Guard
Salary $16 hourly for 40 hours in a week
Job type full time
Education High School Level
Job location Surrey, Canada
Experiences 1-2 years above
Application Online (Apply Now)

Security Guard Responsibilties:

  • Patrolling the structure perimeter and properties
  • Noting the entrance and departure of staff members, site visitors, and also various other people
  • Routing site visitors to reception and also logging their entrance to the properties
  • Checking our video clip surveillance system as well as reviewing video if necessary
  • Reacting to alarms and also telephone calls of protection concern
  • Maintaining everyday logs of activities and also any type of concerns attended to
  • Reacting as well as addressing phones to various other inquiries at the safety and security workdesk
  • Alerting authorities if required for emergencies or safety violations
  • Attending to any offenses of building regulations and/or forwarding them to the appropriate level of manageqment
  • Examining, screening, as well as preserving our protection systems, along with requiring maintenance as required

Security Personnel Certifications:

Completed High School Diploma or GED program *.
Satisfactory Criminal Record Inspect.
Have to have the ability to function a variable change schedule including graveyard shift.

Security Guard Core Skills:

images.jpeg 116

  • Watchfulness.
  • Performance.
  • Interpersonal communication abilities.
  • Pleasant individuality.
  • Interest to information.
  • Safety and security.
  • Reliability.
  • Time administration abilities.
  • Honesty.
  • Professionalism and trust.
  • Multi-tasking.

A security personnel is accountable not only for keeping classified details key, but also for securing property worth numerous dollars that might or might not be possessed by him. The basic obligations of the security guard are as complies with:

Guard duties and obligations (Tasks).
1. Reporting and observing.

Your obligation can alter website to site as well as in between the location within a website. Observing not just seeing but paying careful attention, noting them in your note pad, and also reporting them to the right individual is essential.



You should accustomed to the bordering area where you work, it helps to determine the unusual point that happened while you are on duty.



The security personnel should tape the occurrence and pass the info to the proper private regarding the safety and security as well as security problems at your website.

You are called for to report to your manager or department head if guidelines and also rules are not followed.

2. Spotting and discouraging crime.

Your noticeable existence will certainly deter criminals from doing something illegal on your website. When crooks see the safety and security offered on the website, they can change their minds as well as strategy.

Nonetheless, if you see somebody is dedicating a crime you have to inform the cops with useful information. This may help them to catch the criminal and stop the crime while it is happening.



You should make a good note while the incident is taking place or as soon as possible those notes can be made use of as evidence in a court.

3. Keeping good public relationships.

Keeping good public connections is one more important task of the guard because you will regularly get in touch with the general public while on the obligation.

Your customer always expects that you offer the info to the general public. Individuals can resort to you if they have a trouble, so, you should act professionally in these scenarios.

4. Reacting to emergencies.

An emergency situation is an unanticipated occasion that can take place any time as well as can be a danger to lives and residential properties.

Reliable emergency situation action belongs to the guard’s task. You might be the very first individual to find, manage, as well as react to an emergency.



In an emergency scenario, you should play a management function before other people count on your support.



Security Guard Job in Canada with 50+ Exciting Jobs

Every firm has its own strategy as well as procedure in case of bomb, flooding, or fire hazard. You must respond to the emergency situation in properly as laid out in the procedure.

In this scenario if you understand what to do and act swiftly can conserve people’s lives if there is a fire you may require to carry out a structure discharge.

Guard are much more trusted in the worse circumstance that’s why you must manage the emergency situation without panic.

5. Controlling access as well as making use of alarm systems.

Guard typically has to manage the activity of cars, materials, as well as individuals entering and out of their site.

While material “in” may require a shipment order as well as “out” may call for an entrance pass those things are authorized papers you ought to inspect meticulously.

To manage the motion of individuals you may call for examining their recognition. often the client is worried staff members are stealing the products you might require to check the luggage.

The security personnel have to understand how to utilize the security system and other security systems such as CCTV electronic cameras etc 6. Patrolling.

Patrolling is additionally an integral part of the safety and security job. You have to go about or see indicate factor in your website, by doing so, you can see a huge location than remaining in one location.

The patrol can perform on feet, bikes, or on cars. Not just Patrolling permits you to see what is going on but likewise it determines security hazards throughout your site.

When you do patrol lots of people can see you and they assume the guard looks out if someone trying to devote a crime they can transform their mind.

7. Traffic control.

Direct traffic control might belong of your task on some sites such as shopping malls, celebration areas, etc.

In the rush hour sites, you may have to operate in the parking area as a web traffic controller. In an emergency situation, you may be asked to manage the web traffic to help the police in the general public area.

8. Crowd control.

Crowd control is orderly taking care of a large group of people. , if there is any type of dispute on your website you must manage the crowd and also bargain with it with extreme treatment.

Music festivals, stadiums, and also public presentations you must include in controlling the group if you release task at huge public gathering areas like road fairs.

9. Finding safety and security hazards.

While you are on patrol you can discover the numerous sorts of security hazards at numerous parts of your websites like water leak, bare cord, overheated central heating boiler, etc you need to note down and report to fix it.

10. Carrying out various other special tasks.

Some security guards, particularly those employed by people, do greater than their primary responsibility.

They might be bewildered with more duties, such as getting call, reacting to message and also e-mail messages, as well as running vital tasks for their company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I end up being a guard in Canada?

Training is among the most usual components of acquiring a guard permit in any type of district in Canada. The general process to become a qualified guard is to complete the required variety of hrs of provincially authorized training, compose and pass the test, and get a protection permit.

Is security personnel work in demand in Canada?

For Security personnel and related protection service occupations, over the duration 2019-2028, brand-new task openings (emerging from expansion need and substitute need) are anticipated to total 43,300, while 45,100 new work hunters (arising from institution leavers, migration as well as wheelchair) are anticipated to be available to load them.

Just how much is a security personnel paid in Canada?

According to the Federal government of Canada’s wage record (upgraded on October 1, 2019), hourly pay for security personnel varies from $11.50 to $24.86. The mean per hour wage in Canada is $15.96.

Security Guard Job in Canada 2023 - Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship
Security Guard Job in Canada 2023 – Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship

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