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UK Work Visa Application Open to Nigerian 2023



UK Work Visa Application Open to Nigerian 2023

UK Work Visa Application for Nigeria – High Potential Individual Visa

UK Work Visa Application Open to Nigerian 2023 the UK has launched an individual High Potential visa to invite world-class talent to work in the UK. Read complete information on individual High Potential visas only on Voice of Nigeria!UK Work Visa Application Open to Nigerian 2023 


If you aspire to work in the UK , we have good news for you ! The UK Government has announced the HPI ( High Potential Individual ) visa which is part of the latest immigration routes to the UK.

Previously, university graduates from countries other than the UK could only get a UK work visa if they had received a job offer there. However, with the HPI visa, graduates from prestigious universities from around the world can come to the UK to work without having to get a job offer first.


So that you understand more about this work visa, just read the following info.

What is a High Potential Individual Visa ?

The High Potential Individual Visa is a UK work visa for highly skilled individuals and an elite level of education to enable them to contribute to the UK economy. Innovators and entrepreneurs who want to work or start a business in the UK are also targets for HPI visas.

With the HPI visa, it will be easier for all companies and organizations in the UK to recruit world-class talents. This is expected to help all UK companies and organizations to become leaders in various sectors and industries globally.

It should be noted that the HPI visa is also open to Nigerian currently in the UK on a different type of visa, provided they meet the requirements of this visa.

UK Work Visa Application Open to Nigerian 2023

What are the Requirements to Get a UK High Potential Individual Visa?

The requirements that must be met may be slightly different for each individual. However, the general requirements for obtaining an HPI visa for applicants from Nigeria are as follows:

  • 18 years or older
  • Have earned an academic degree – within the last 5 years – from a higher education institution outside the UK listed on the Global Universities List (a list of higher education institutions that are in the top 50 in at least 2 world university rankings – such as the QS World University Rankings or Times Higher Education World University Rankings ).
  • Mastering English at Level B1 in CEFR (equivalent to IELTS 4.0 score) / can prove that the academic degree obtained is from a study program taught in English / passed the Secure English Language Test
  • Have sufficient funds (minimum GBP1,270) to live in the UK without financial assistance from the UK Government
  • Have a TB-free letter

If you are in the UK on a different type of visa, you are allowed to change your visa to an HPI visa. However, this reimbursement does not apply to those of you who have a visa for Graduate, Visitor , Short-term student , Parent of a Child Student , Seasonal Worker , and Domestic Worker in a Private Household or people who get a visa from the Student Doctorate Extension Scheme . .

Individual High Potential Visa Can Be Used For Any Type Of Work?

High Potential Individual visa holders can work in various sectors in the UK, including working as entrepreneurs and volunteer workers. However, they are not allowed to work as athletes or professional sports coaches.

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How Long is the High Potential Individual Visa Valid?

If your HPI visa application is approved, the duration of the visa you get depends on the academic degree you used to apply for this visa. Holders of a PhD or equivalent will receive a visa for 3 years, while holders of other degrees will receive a visa for a duration of 2 years. This visa cannot be extended.

Can You Bring Your Family To The UK With A High Potential Individual Visa ?

High Potential Individual visa holders are allowed to bring their spouse (must be over 18 years old) and children (must be under 18 years old) to the UK.

Can a High Potential Individual Visa Open a Path to Permanent Residence ?

HPI visa holders cannot apply for permanent residence in the UK. However, before the validity period of this visa expires, you can switch to another visa that can open a pathway to permanent resident status in the UK, such as the Skilled Worker visa .

How much does it cost to apply for a high potential individual visa ?

You need to pay GBP715 to apply for the High Potential Individual visa . In addition, you will also be asked to pay a qualification examination fee and health service fees. The amount of these two costs will be different for each person. You will get the exact amount when you apply for this visa.

How to Apply UK Work Visa for a High Potential Individual Visa ?

First of all, you need to prepare all the necessary documents to apply for a High Potential Individual visa . After that, you just have to follow the steps for applying for a High Potential Individual visa listed on the official UK Government website .


UK Work Visa Application Open to Nigerian 2023

If you want to know more about this visa, you can visit the High Potential Individual visa page on the UK Government’s official website  .

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