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Union Aid Jobs 2023 – jobs in Balkh – Acbar Jobs in Balkh


Union Aid Jobs 2023 – jobs in Balkh – Acbar Jobs in Balkh

Union Aid Jobs 2023 – jobs in Balkh – Acbar Jobs in Balkh

Job Location: Balkh
Nationality: Afghan
Category: Nonprofit-Social Services
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: As per scale
Vacancy Number: UA-176/MI-H 33-2022/AS
No. Of Jobs: 1
City: Mazar E Sharif
Organization: Union Aid
Years of Experience: Two years
Contract Duration: One year – extendable
Gender: Male
Education: Related field education
Close date: 2022-12-03
Union Aid Jobs 2023 – jobs in Balkh – Acbar Jobs in Balkh

Union Aid established in 1979 working for Afghan refugees in Pakistan and people in Afghanistan in different sectors such as health, education, livelihood, emergency relief, basic infrastructure with the support of UNHCR, WHO, WFP, AFV, GIZ, MI and several other donors.

Currently, Union Aid is implements various projects in health, livelihood, education, and rehabilitation of basic infrastructures, repatriation of IDPs, and emergency relief projects in different provinces of Afghanistan.

Union Aid Jobs 2023 – jobs in Balkh – Acbar Jobs in Balkh

Union Aid Jobs 2023 – jobs in Balkh – Acbar Jobs in Balkh

Job Description:

Program / Department Summary


General Position Summary

Implementing programs in the country, Union Aid needs to also build capacity for action in the areas of safety and security, humanitarian access, and liaison with the de facto authorities at Kabul and provincial/district levels. The Security Assistant (SA) will kick start this capacity development for the staff, reporting the training status of Union Aid staff in safety and security topics to the relevant security supervisor, supervising a team of security guards, while helping the Security In-charge on how to align the security measurements to mitigate the risk levels. S/he will in addition coordinate liaison with the local de facto authorities, under the Security In-charge.

  • Assist in reviewing security threats and risks, compile accurate reports on trends and situations that could adversely impact Union Aid operations to ensure information is accurately collaged to support reporting and decision-making, to security in-charge for further action;
  • Review security-related information (e.g. security incidents and events, security support to daily activities, etc.) and use corporate or local information management tools to provide basic analyses and reports to ensure information is readily available for relevant stakeholders;
  • Liaise and coordinate with local administration, security and law enforcement authorities, communicates, INSO/NGO security staff and other actors to facilitate access for safe programme delivery and to mitigate potential risks against staff and other resources;
  • Assist in planning, coordinating, preparing and conducting field missions including tracking of staff, and perform regular security assessments in the area of responsibility to support safe and effective programme delivery;
  • Prepare detailed security assessment reports after field missions with risk mitigation recommendations to support security situation analysis and facilitate decision-making;
  • Assist in formulation of advice to head of sub-office on security risk management matters and safety issues in compliance with the Union Aid Security procedures;
  • Assist in implementation of all security risk management mitigating measures, including Minimum Operational Security Standards (MOSS) to ensure compliance;
  • Assist in management and maintenance of security equipment and identify new requirements to strengthen technology capacity in line with business requirements;
  • Assist in monitoring that all access control procedures are effective and stringently followed by all staff and visitors to ensure accountability and maintenance of safe and secure environment;
  • Contribute to the development and update of emergency and contingency planning documentation including physical preparations and procedures to support preparedness for a crisis;
  • Assist in identification of security training needs to support training planning and implementation to address staff development needs;
  • Supervise and provide on-the-job training to other staff supporting their development and high performance.

Union Aid Jobs 2023 – jobs in Balkh – Acbar Jobs in BalkhUnion Aid Jobs 2023 - jobs in Balkh - Acbar Jobs in Balkh


Team Management

  • Supervise the work of Guards, and report the activity levels to the line managment. Supervise the work of the guards and security assistant (s)  in maintaining constructive and compliant relationships with the de facto central authorities.
  • Prepare and seek review from line supervisor on required for SFP’s for field offices

Influence & NETWORKING

  • Maintain an internal network and communication channels to ensure all Union Aid staff are alerted on the incidents across the operational areas
  • Support the Administration department, by providing security clearance in according to the mitigations on staff movements.
  • Monitor and provide support and reporting on NGO humanitarian access initiatives as required.


  • Ensure compliance with security procedures and policies and SOPs as determined by country leadership.
  • Proactively ensure that team members operate in a secure environment and are aware of policies when required
  • Monitor the entrance of staff on the start of business hours to ensure all staff attended the office safely.
  • Monitor the surroundings, to ensure the premises are secured during business hours. Supervise that, all the vehicles are checked before entering the UA compound.
  • Ensure all the staff vehicles are parked properly, to safe space and visibility for the guards to monitor the parking lot.
  • Monitor as all the visitors are entering the compound according to the UA security procedures.
  • Ensure that all incident and precaution updates have been provided to the team, using specific “easy use” communication tools.


  • Maintain contextual awareness by establishing social media (secured) groups, and share incident updates to the staff, to increased awareness on threat mitigation.
  • Help create an environment where all Union Aid programs and team members and businesses are conducted with professionalism, impartiality, accountability, and other core principles required as a humanitarian agency.

Place high value on inter-agency coordination in security; encourage Union Aid field-level coordination in the NGO community. Seek opportunities for formal and informal cooperation

Union Aid Jobs 2023 – jobs in Balkh – Acbar Jobs in Balkh

Job Requirements for Union Aid Jobs 2023 – jobs in Balkh – Acbar Jobs in Balkh

Two years of experience working in and/working in security phase in fragile, insecure, and complex contexts.

Experience working with

Highly developed interpersonal and communication skills required, including influencing, negotiation and coaching;


Strong management skills with a good understanding of managing international, and cross-cultural teams;

Demonstrated attention to detail, ability to follow procedures, meet deadlines and work independently and cooperatively with team members.

Fluent written and oral communication in English is required.

A strong understanding of conflict-sensitive program mainstreaming and gender or protection mainstreaming would be an advantage.

Submission Guideline for Union Aid Jobs 2023 – jobs in Balkh – Acbar Jobs in Balkh

  • Please write the Job title/Vacancy Number on the subject line of your email.
  • Aplications received after the closing date will not be considered
Union Aid Jobs 2023 – jobs in Balkh – Acbar Jobs in Balkh

Submission Email for Union Aid Jobs 2023 – jobs in Balkh – Acbar Jobs in Balkh


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